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President’s Message– A Year of Accomplishments and Challenges for NLWA

First, the accomplishments... The NLWA received outstanding support from all three towns during these past elections to support our ongoing work to protect the health of Northwood Lake and its watershed from the unchecked spread of invasive aquatic species, including variable milfoil. Warrant articles passed in Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom securing economic support from the towns for what is looking to be an expensive road ahead. This is the first time that the NLWA has been able to garner municipal support from all three communities that abut the lake.. a really solid step in the right direction. Now for the challenges... We are facing a long term battle in the fight against invasive species, particularly variable milfoil, that will require an in-depth change in the way the NLWA fundraises and operates. In order to reduce the levels of milfoil in the lake to a controlled and sustainable level, we will be facing costs in the neighborhood of $30,000 for the 2015 season alone. This will include a chemical treatment of the lake that was completed on June 11th, 2015 followed by diver assisted suction harvesting (DASH) and hand-pulling by certified, professional divers. The areas we intend to treat chemically are illustrated below.

Treatment Areas

It is recommended that the following restrictions be observed after the treatment: Avoid drinking lake water for a period 21 days, avoid swimming within 200 feet of a treatment area for 24 hours, avoid using lake water to irrigate lawns or crops for 21 days following treatment if the intake is within 1,200 feet of a designated treatment area. A copy of the posted notice indicating treatment areas and recommended restrictions can be viewed by clicking here. Any specific questions can be directed to the NLWA or NH DES (Amy.Smagula@des.nh.gov).

Even with the increased support from our municipal governments, the spending gap is considerable and concerning. We will need to get support wherever we can find it in order to put together a sustainable, long term plan. If you have questions or concerns about the NLWA, or any other issues affecting our lake or watershed, please feel free to communicate with us. We appreciate your input and support and look forward to an enjoyable and safe season on the lake.

Protecting and preserving our precious lakes requires an ongoing commitment and support from all of us. I urge all of you to stay informed about issues that affect our lake, and please support the important work of the association by renewing your membership. I encourage you to use the enclosed form to renew your membership or to become a new member. Our membership form is also available on the association website, www.northwoodlake.org. We also need and welcome your ideas and your participation.

Kevin Ash, President
Northwood Lake Watershed Association


Make Sure You Are In Touch With The NLWA
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