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Call To Action For Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom Residents!
At their Monday 10/6 meeting, the Board of Selectmen from Deerfield agreed to put a warrant article on the ballot for the upcoming elections supporting NLWA's fight against invasive milfoil. The BOS in Epsom is also working (their next meeting is Monday 10/20) to put a support measure together and we have requested additional funding from the Northwood Board as well. This is a milestone in our efforts to engage our town governments in helping to protect our lake, our properties and our watershed. It is vital that Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom residents contact your Selectmen to voice your concerns and support this effort! Call your neighbors and friends, have them email or call their BOS and "put a face" on the concern of taxpayers and residents for the ongoing health of Northwood Lake and its watershed. Northwood residents can contact Town Administrator Brent Lemire at blemire@northwoodnh.org, Deerfield residents should reach out to Town Adminstrator Michael Wright at administrator@townofdeerfieldnh.com and residents of Epsom can contact Selectman Chris Bowes at chris.bowes@epsomnh.org.


Northwood Lake Milfoil Control- Some Progress, But Next Year Challenges Loom
Kevin Ash, President, NLWA

A biologist from the NH DES performed a survey of the lake on 8/27 to determine the situation with regards to controlling variable milfoil. While some progress has been made in certain areas, evidenced by the red circles that indicate where plants where identified in June 2014. The blue dots indicate locations of new milfoil growth... we will have our work cut out for us next year. The NLWA is currently working with the Boards of Selectmen in Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom in hopes of securing increased support from the towns in what is looking to be an expensive road ahead. Without that support, the financial burden of the fight against invasives may very well threaten the very existence of the NLWA itself. For the next couple of years, we may well be faced with using both diver harvesting in conjunction with chemical treatment in order to regain the upper hand. As we approach budget season in all three towns, I urge all of our members as well as any taxpayers who are concerned about the health of the watershed to contact their local Boards and press them to help us protect our valuable resource.

Northwood Lake

Make Sure You Are In Touch With The NLWA
We are looking forward to making extensive use of our membership email list in order to stay in touch and keep everyone up to date as to what's going on with the NLWA. If you are not receiving email from the association, or have changed your email address, please contact us at webmaster@northwoodlake.com so that we can keep our list as complete and current as possible. We want to keep everyone in the loop!

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