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Thank You To The Voters of Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom For Your Support In The Fight Against Invasive Milfoil!

The NLWA recieved outstanding support in all three towns during these past elections to support our ongoing work to protect the health of Northwood Lake and its watershed from the unchecked spread of invasive aquatic species, including variable milfoil. Warrant articles passed in Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom securing economic support from the towns for what is looking to be an expensive road ahead. This is the first time that the NLWA has been able to garner municipal support from all three communities that abut the lake. Thank you.

The NLWA would also like to again thank the members of the Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom Boards of Selectmen for recognizing the seriousness of this issue and for their help in putting this matter before you, the voters.

Kevin Ash, President
Northwood Lake Watershed Association


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